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One of the world's finest beach paradises and a haven for water sports From high above, Boracay looks like a clamshell,
with its long, white strip of beach drifting alongside the vast, pristine ocean waters.
All that can be seen is the rolling waves of the ocean water, merging into the sky at the horizon. Listening attentively to the sounds of Boracay, the waves will take
your cares away.
Boracay, which has preserved its pristine nature by refusing civilization, is the very paradise you have always dreamed of. In Boracay, men became one with nature.
Although visited by peoples from all over the world, rather than seeming like a bustling hive of activity, Boracay is a composed and liberal place.
On the beach, where coconut trees soar into the sky, and the waves incessantly beat upon the shore, men can become a part of nature.

Boracay... A Paradise for Water Sports
Everybody can enjoy jet skiing, as it takes just a minute to learn how to operate a jet ski.
By using a lifejacket, riding a jet ski is safe, but you are advised not to accelerate too much, or approach too closely to other boats.Riding a fly-fishing boat will be
an unusual experience, as it literally flies over the water while being tugged by a motorboat.
This is a unique experience, not dissimilar to the thrill of riding a banana boat.
Para-sailing allows you to fly high over the sea in a parachute, so that you can get a glimpse of the entire island, and the changing colors of the water.

Parasail (Solo) 15 mins. php 1,800
Parasail (by 2's 0r 3's) 15 mins. php 1,500
Flyfish (min of 3 pax) 15 mins. php 900
Banana (min of 5 pax) 15 mins. php 550
Jetski (1 Unit) 30 mins. php 2,000
Jet Boat Rental 15-20 mins. php 1,800
Speed Boat Rental (min 5 pax) 1 hour php 5,000
Paraw Sailing 30 mins. php 800

Diving to experience the underwater world

A number of tourists come to Boracay to enjoy scuba diving.
The underwater scenes of Boracay are simply fascinating.
Under Boracay's waters you can swim with a number of tropical fish species. Boracay is reputed as one of the best diving locations on earth,
with its clear waters and scenic beauty.
To help divers, there are a number of guide centers that rent out diving equipment and provide guide services.
Boracay is a true paradise for scuba divers, and it is regrettable that we are unable to reach all diving sites dotted around the island, due to limited space. 
Scuba diving : php 2500 per person

Helmet Diving : php 1200 per person

Island-Hopping Tour

Our Island-hopping tour offers three types of activities: snorkeling, fishing, and luxury seafood and barbecue lunches.
You can rent a boat and snorkeling apparatus on a four-hourly basis. You can enjoy lunch on board, but it is advisable to bring your own beverages
and potable water with you.
You may ask the guide to bring some ice. You should be particularly careful to remember to bring sunscreen.
Island Hopping More than 4 persons php 2,200
Below 4 persones php 2,500

Horse Riding - A.T.V. - Buggy Car

Horseback Riding Adventure is a must try adventure in the Island of Boracay.
This adventure makes your moment unforgettable and amazing,
especially if you got your very nice cowboy outfit with you.
You may take a look on the largest privately owned property in Boracay home to private beaches and reserved natural beauty.
Land Actyvitys    
ATV 1 hr php 900
Buggy (1 Unit) 1 hr php 1,100
GoKart 15 mins. php 700
Horse back riding 1 hr php 695
Horse back riding 1.5 hr php 995
Horse back riding 2 hr php 1,250



Soothe your soul and senses with this sensational Hilot Massage offer by Posiedon Spa.
This youthful and relaxing experience is designed to ease you.
2 hr
php 4,000
Lava Stone
2 hr
php 3,000
Fish Spa Package A
2.5 hr
php 1099
Fish Spa Package B
2 hr
php 999
Fish Spa Package C
1.5 hr
php 599
On Call Massage
1 hr
php 500


During your stay with us, you can enjoy an exceptional 18-hole, 72 par golf course here in the heart of it self of Boracay.
It is situated among rolling hills which offers a welcome challenge for competitive player.
It is also coupled with a serene atmosphere accompanied by Ocean Views and beautiful rock formations.
The price will include green fee, rental for golf cart, , golf clubs, golf shoes and caddie.
Be reminded to bring with you your ideal cap and sunscreens.
Indulge into a different golf experience in the paradise island of Boracay.